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Jewellery For Squares

Actually it’s ironic that the piece of jewellery we’re talking about here is for anything but squares! Brooches are very rarely seen worn now-a-days (unless you’re north of 50 or extremely classy) as it is, and this design by Ortak can be seen by some as… controversial. The square design (hence the clever title) does […]

Interlocking Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery can get plain and boring – there I said it! It’s true! With all the varieties sometimes styles can start to feel outdated, and sooner or later everything just looks the same. Trust Ortak to deliver when it comes to unique and inspiring jewellery! This knotted style pendant is a prime example of […]

Just a beautiful necklace

Oh, and it’s on sale – I forgot to mention that one. But really, in all seriousness this necklace is really quite stunning. Inspired by Celtic artwork that is over 200 years old; this Scottish masterpiece is embedded with an amethyst stone and has matching earrings avaliable. Discounted from £63.00 to a mere £20.00 this […]

The Reduced Zodiac Collection

Remember Ortak’s prized Zodiac collection? They’re the pieces of jewellery that make perfect gifts; well in the spirit of sales Ortak has slashed the prices of the whole collection by over 50%! Just have a look if you don’t believe me. Many have sold out, so if you’re sign is still in stock I wouldn’t […]

Butterflied Silver Jewellery

You’ve heard of butterflied chicken (if not try it, it’s delicious) but have you heard of butterflied silver jewellery? Ortak has matching drop earrings, a brooch and pendant that are butterfly inspired. If that sounds too “6 years old” don’t worry, because they’ve somehow managed to do this without creating something that looks like it’s […]

Earrings That Make Silver Jewellery

Some pieces of jewellery can make or break a jeweller. Take Pandora’s bracelets as an extreme example; pretty much everyone who’s heard of a bracelet know what they are. Now I’m not saying Ortak should be defined by these pair of studded earrings, but they did make me stop scrolling through the sale items. Stopped […]

Ortak’s Clearance Sale

January is nearly over, and with it Ortak’s clearance sale is coming to an end. So if you don’t want to miss out then we suggest that you get moving! Some really beautiful pieces of jewellery has been reduced by 50% just for all you lovely people! So now you can make all the purchases […]

Fossil Earrings Under £15

One of Ortak’s newer range, the 2013 Fossil range collection has just had its price slash to a shocking £14.50! And get this, its former price was £29.00, so Ortak have halved (yes halved) the price of it, straight up – no messing about. These beautiful studded Fossil earrings use jagged ans geometrical shapes to […]

Reduced Gold Jewellery

For some reason in the past few years it has become ‘news’ to everyone that gold is a commodity. With the rise of “Cash 4 Gold” and other similar franchises people (for some reason) have decided to sell all their gold jewellery (or at the very least all the ‘ugly’ pieces, which is quite acceptable). […]

Lockets Full of Love

Lockets are one of my personal favourite types of jewellery. This is because they sit on that fine line between sophisticated style and emotional or personal connection. One hundred people could wear the same lockets, and the jewellery will mean different things to each and every person. Ortak have a whole range of lockets (literally), […]